Recycled Silver Challenge-


I’m pleased to announce that my studio is now 100% Recycled Silver! I source ethical sterling silver that is recycled or ‘eco silver’ from reputable uk suppliers or I use my own recycled silver. Nothing goes to waste. Everything gets reused or recycled. 


I am now working on ensuring that all the gem stones I source are from ethical suppliers (as much as is possible). My packaging is already from recycled materials and is recyclable (except the foam inserts which I’m struggling to find an alternative for). 

I am committed to making my jewellery as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible. I will keep striving to improve and will update you as I find new and resourceful ways to do my bit to save our planet. 

New Resolutions 2022

2022 is a year of change for me. I’ve chosen to give up my permanent stall at Rawtenstall Market so that I can do more workshops in my new studio and still do pop ups at more markets through out the year.


The other big change, is that I am aiming to be using 100% recycled silver by the end of 2022. At the moment I use a mix of new and recycled sterling silver. I already save and reuse all my silver off cuts, waste, even silver dust and make them into new and exciting pieces of jewellery. I hate waste and want to do my bit to protect the environment as much as possible. My new aim though is that from now on all the sterling silver sheet or wires I buy will be 100% recycled. 


Going 100% recycled  for my ethically sourced sterling silver will have a cost impact as buying recycled is more expensive, but I think it is worth it. It has always been a priority to me to source from ethically sound suppliers for all my metals and gem stones but I’m now in a position that I can go one step further with the sterling silver and switch to entirely recycled UK based sources.

We have one planet. I want to do my bit to help protect it.

Melanie xx

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