Sea Glass

Sea Glass 

All the sea glass products I sell are genuine sea glass washed ashore onto the beach and collected by hand.

Each piece is unique and quirky. Colours, sizes, shapes and backgrounds all differ. The greens, whites and pale blues in my collection tend to come from the East of Scotland or Seaham (on the north east coast of England). The reds, oranges, pinks, purples and turquoise are sent to me by a friend who lives in Europe. 

The pieces of glass have probably been in the sea for decades to get the smooth matt finish. 

The joy and difficulty with sea glass is that every piece is unique which means that each item I sell is a one off item. I can make another similar one, but it won't be exactly the same as the glass will differ slightly. Earring pairs are two pieces of sea glass that match as closely as possible but are not mirror pairs.

This means that no one else will ever have a piece of jewellery the same as yours. 

I love making bespoke items to order and have a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes of sea glass to choose from. Use the contact page to enquire about choosing an individual piece of sea glass that can be made into a ring, a bangle, a brooch or a necklace - or whatever design or ideas you have in mind!

Take a look at my blog page to see what goes into making a piece sea glass jewellery.