Bangles- Shiny round and beautiful!


I love a good bangle. There is something so satisfying about bangles clinking together on your wrist. I always feel that my outfit is complete when I'm wearing bangles.

There are all sorts of options with bangles, from simple circles to adjustable or hook fitting bangles. Adjustable bangles fit a range of sizes usually from 15cm-20cm. Hook bangles open and can slide over your wrist and so you just need to check the measurement of your actual wrist to ensure a good fit.

For fixed size circle bangles please check your bangle size before ordering.

To work out your bangle size-

Checking your circle bangle size- Hold your hand as if you were putting on a bangle, bring all of your fingers together with your little finger and thumb touching. Measure around your hand at its widest point with a tape measure of a piece of string. Be sure to pull the tape or string snug against your skin. this measurement is the circumference of your hand and will give you a fairly accurate guide to the size of bangle you should order. I size my bangles circumference in CM.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.